How Smart Is Your Home?

How Smart Is Your Home?

Smart homes are no longer a thing of the future, they are happening right now. Smart technology has the ability to make our lives easier, more convenient and increase safety. It has also been reported that a home with smart technology is more attractive to potential buyers and it could possibly boost the value of your house.

The core advantage of smart technology in the home is that it keeps the home owner completely in control. For example, if you have ever left home and worried about not securing the garage door, cutting edge home automation will allow you to check! And here lies the trend, whilst remotely checking the fridge contents or turning on the coffee machine is nifty, not everyone would buy into it. But when it comes to smart technology which offers increased security, people start listening.

Devices for home monitoring, via cameras and sensors, offers homeowners peace of mind. Remotely controlling the lights or music can make it appear that someone is home, even when they are half way across the world.

Accessing the home is offered greater security by installing biometric locks. A biometric lock uses a scanner to memorise fingerprints and only grants access to those authorised users. So no worries about losing a key and having to change the locks.

Whilst home security is a great reason to invest in smart technology, there are also a lot of fun products which have been invented to make life more convenient . Check out our quick run down of the best smart products which could revolutionise the way you live.

Roomba Anyone?

Did you ever watch The Jetsons? If the Jetsons did not have a Roomba, they definitely had something similar. A Roomba is basically an automated vacuum cleaner which drives around your home sucking up dust before returning to the charging station.

The Secret Lives Of Pets

Have you ever wondered what those pesky paws get up to when you are not at home? Find out with Logi Circle, not only will it save any moments of audio or movement, but it also allows you to talk through your phone to your pet! Off the sofa….

Anyone for a cuppa?

Have you ever had one of this days where you just need a strong cup of tea! An internet ready kettle can be a life saver. Simply use the app to boil the kettle and arrive home just in time…and pour!

Weather Station

A weather station is designed to give you a constant reading about what is going on around you. Is it raining or sunny, warm or cold? At a cost of over £100 it is not exactly cheap so maybe you might want to stick to the weather forecast…other than that, just look outside!

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