Cyber Space Security Predictions For 2017

Cyber Space Security Predictions For 2017

Somebody once said that the threats you need to worry about the most are the ones you can’t predict! We have taken this as a warning and are giving you the heads up on security cyber predictions for 2017.

Held to Ransom..

In layman’s terms, this is the digital version of holding someone to ransom and demanding a fee for their safe return. However in 2016, the hostage is not a person, but information. Ransomware attacks are levelled at businesses. The malware works by encrypting sensitive data which will only be decrypted when a ransom fee is paid. The attacks have been in occurrence since 2013 and continue to rise.

If you are not yet familiar with the term doxing, get familiar. Doxing involves a hacker accessing sensitive information which they then publish over social media. The tactic is largely used to humiliate or discredit a person.

Digital extortion is a real worry for businesses. Hackers will use phishing tactics which makes all employees a potential victim.

Is it as smart as we think?

People are celebrating the arrival of the smart home network which allows us to remotely control our lights, heating and home access. Recognising that such systems can reduce costs, workplaces have also been eager to install smart devices, but there is a problem. With many manufacturers looking to cash in on the smart trend, cheaper products are vulnerable to hackers. This means office heating systems could potentially be breached, leading to expensive energy bills or even heat damaged hardware.

How safe is the cloud?

The cloud has overhauled business technology for the better. Cloud providers take the safety of your data very seriously but as they hold a vast amount of information for many companies, it is a tempting target for hackers. Businesses are therefore urged to think carefully about what they store in the cloud as you may not only be risking a breach of information for the company, but also for your clients.

The Good News

Companies who are pro-active in their approach to cyber security reduce their chance of being targeted greatly. Ask yourself the following questions to ensure that you are well protected.

  1. Am I  up to date with current product updates and patches?
  2. Is all stored data encrypted?
  3. Are websites secure against injection attacks?

Unfortunately, even with the tightest cyber security in place, your staff are also a potential problem. Your employees are a target for hackers because they are easier to fool then a security system. Therefore always ensure you are carrying out regular staff training on cyber security to ensure protection for your employees and your business.

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