Thames Valley Police Encourage Homeowners to Upgrade Security

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Thames Valley Police Encourage Homeowners to Upgrade Security

Never mind the words of Ned Stark – winter has come and gone and spring has finally sprung. Lambs are gambolling, bunnies are bumbling and the sun is certainly thinking of donning his hat and coming out to play.

Unfortunately, the warmer temperatures are not just a magnet for cutesy creatures in the animal kingdom. Opportunistic thieves are also able to thrive during the spring and summer months, as open windows and doors provide easy pickings for those with big enough cojones and small enough consciences to waltz off with whatever they please.

With that in mind, Thames Valley Police (TVP) have issued a warning to local residents to be wary of criminal behaviour in their area, with special emphasis being placed on the effectiveness of technology in the fight against theft.

Smart cameras capture stupid burglars

Though incidences of theft generally rise during the warmer months, TVP are hopeful that advances in technology may work to halt the progress of thieves this year. CCTV in and around domestic properties has long been a valuable deterrent in preventing crime, but with the sophistication of smart-enabled devices, they could prove to be an even more important weapon.

“We are seeing positive results in cases where victims have used digital media and smart devices which connect to phone apps which alert the homeowner to an intruder and remotely record the suspect inside the house,” explained DI Jason Kew, the chief of Maidenhead CID.

“In court, this footage can be crucial evidence against the suspect, so smart devices can assist with apprehending an offender and convicting them. It is also possible the chances of recovering stolen items are increased.”

Crime prevention checklist

In addition to kitting out your home with the latest anti-intruder technology, TVP have also issued a checklist of security precautions that all residents should take. These include:

  • Make sure the framework of your doors and windows (including garage doors and French windows) is in top condition, since damaged frames can compromise the structural integrity of the fitting
  • Check the condition and functionality of all locks on doors and windows – it’s no good securing an entrance if the lock doesn’t work properly
  • Be aware that a five-lever mortice lock will only be effective on doors with a width greater than 44mm. Any doors slimmer than this should be fitted with a rim deadlock instead
  • Keep valuables well out of sight of windows and doors – otherwise you’re basically advertising your wares to unscrupulous robbers
  • Window locks can be obtained cheaply for all kinds of windows, regardless of whether they’re made from metal, wood or another material. Make sure you have a lock fitted to every window in the house
  • Ask any cold calling visitors to provide proof of identification before opening your door to them. While most visitors are genuine, it only takes one impostor to clean you out of house and home

While this advice has been specifically aimed at residents in the Thames Valley area, it’s a solid set of guidelines for anyone looking to avoid unwanted visitors over the coming months.

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