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We were originally formed in 1981 and, as a medium sized professional business, we pride ourselves on being large enough to complete the task yet small enough to care. We are able to offer systems for security, CCTV, access control, fire and gate entry.

We are a forward thinking business using the latest technology in intruder, fire, CCTV and access systems and hope that this web site will allow potential customers to be kept informed of our systems and offers.

All intruder alarms are installed to PD 6662:2004 which is the UK implementation of EN 50131 the European Standard as required by Insurance Companies throughout the country and as such are subject to a documented risk assessment against the security requirements for the property.

Vision and Mission

After Sales Comes First

We believe the biggest customer complaint is not related to the purchase or even the installation of a new system but the after sales service they receive. Customers can, quite often, be ignored when they require a visit or information, often of a minor nature, from their service Company.

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Our Vision

To be known as the expert and leading integrator of electronic and physical security systems in the North West.

Images Tell A Story

We want to keep on top of our game by keeping upto date with combining Intruder Alarms, Door Access Control, CCTV, Fire Alarms and all other security requirements.

Our Mission

We provide the right products and solutions to businesses and individuals who care about security.

Interfaces Matter

By interpreting our customers wants we can deliver their needs. Which in turn ensures they rave about us to others and stay loyal customers life.

The End Goal

Our highly trained and enthusiastic staff ensures our services are delivered to the highest possible standards.

Looks Amazing

This is achieved by monitoring latest industry trends and through strategic partnerships we can use the most suitable technologies available. This, alongside highly trained and enthusiastic staff ensures our services are delivered to the highest possible standards.
Satisfied Users
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Cups of Steaming Coffee

Meet Your New Best Friends.

We are warm, friendly professional and above all else – approachable. We are experts in the security field with high product knowledge and naturally developing trust with our customers. Whilst professional it’s important there is an element of fun in our team which leaves a positive lasting impression on all of our clients.

Mark Wasley
Mark WasleyDirector
Inspired by successful business people, Mark leads and supports the great Blackburn Alarms team. Mark is passionate about business and making customers happy and has many talents.

If he could be any animal in the world, he would be a bird and spend his days either in the Lake District or Peak District.

There is no better meal to Mark than his wife’s lovely home-cooked meals after long days at work. If he would need to recommend you a movie, it would be “Pulp Fiction”.

David Holmes
David HolmesOffice Manager
There is no chance to describe everything what David does in our office on a daily basis but here goes lots of everything from quotes to compliance.

David admires people who continue to battle against overwhelming odds and is passionate about beer and curry.

If he could be any animal in the world he would be a … monkey! The best place in the World for David is a small village on the West coast of Scotland which is known just for a few people.

Besides watching “Enemy at the Gates” or eating homemade steak with boiled potatoes in peppercorn sauce cooked on a camping stove in a barn in the Lake District, David enjoys playing Wii Golf – he’s really good at it!

Matt Bradley
Matt BradleyTechnical Sales & Operations Manager
If there is anything technical, Matt is the one who knows it the best. He leads our engineers team, deals with technical sales and does some of everything else in between.

Inspired by his parents who always worked hard to be successful, Matt is a hard-worker who is passionate about family time, seeing his children grow up & laugh with each other. He finds Lanzarote as his favourite place to be, where he can enjoy quality time with his family and relax in a nice weather.

If he could be any animal in the World, he would go for a tiger and enjoy the hot climate for the rest of his life.

The best meal he ever had was in a Chinese restaurant called “Sunshine” whilst on holiday abroad – the meal itself and overlooking the sunshine were just perfect.

Matt is a keen scooker player – good luck if you would decide to play against him!

Sharon Willis
Sharon WillisHR/Accounts Department
Sharon is responsible for our accounts and takes care of HR as well. She does as much as 1 can do in a day and enjoys spending time in her favourite place in the World – her bed.

Sharon is a family person and enjoys watching movies featuring Gerald Butler and her favourite is “P.S. I love you”. She also loves her supermeals and actually does not have one favourite meal – there are many of them.

If she could be any animal in the World, she would be a…dinosaur!

Chris Whalley
Chris WhalleyCustomer Service Adviser /Admin Assistant
Chris is the one who’s voice you’ll hear the first when calling us – she is dealing with incoming calls and booking in faults/services, also assisting in accounts.

Chris draws the inspiration from her own personality and has a vivid imagination – in fact, she says her imagination is her favourite place to be. Chris enjoys watching Harry Potter movies and would choose to be a lion, if she would need to become an animal.

Her family and friends is what she’s passionate about the most, and she founds the Christmas Dinner meals to be her favourite meals from all.

Chris has many secret talents and can gently surprise you when least expected.

Laura Jakimonyte
Laura JakimonyteDigital Marketing Executive
Responsible for growing the online presence of our business, Laura helps you to find our business on Google, takes care of social media and all the advertising.

Laura is passionate about travels, adventures, helping others, healthy lifestyle and self-realisation. Among all the places she visited so far, her favourite is a white village in Andalusia called Ronda.

Having a secret talent to listen, Laura is inspired by stories of other people lives. She is a fan of fantasy/adventure movies and claims nothing can beat the Lord of the Rings in this genre.

If she could be any animal, she would be a golden retriever and if you’d ask her for a meal advice, her favourite meal is duck confit with fresh pears sauce & Greek nuts.

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