Project Description

Clients Problems

There were numerous problems on these two sites. The fact that a site was open to the public and heavily frequented throughout the day and evening meant that issues could arise. Some people were coming into the shop and simply causing trouble.

Another problem lay with the employees. Some of them were stealing actively from the tills on site. A police response of some kind needed to be accessible.

Client needs/solutions

The police response system is set up so that the access to police assistance was facilitated and made more efficient.

The intruder alarm system could also be accessed via smart devices by the staff. The general feeling overall was that the system is sophisticated enough to manage a busy store, with high footfall, and also keep the employees of the store calm and focused on their work.

Benefits to Client

The owner found he could view all his stores from one location, which obviously made a big difference to security. Insurance requirements were more easily met too.

The biggest difference was the fact that the store owner could monitor stores and watch staff to make sure that no theft occurred, as well as ensuring their safety by watching the public as they entered and left the building.


The Final Solution

Police Response System

With the new Police Response System the client is now able to call for help and have a response in a much greater time. Ensuring the safety of staff and customers.

Intruder Alarm System

After installing the Intruder Alarm System Burglars have been deterred and the store owner can sleep knowing that the store is secure. .

Final Result & Client Satisfaction

We are very happy with the service and expertise of the enquiries from Blackburn Alarms who installed new security systems.

Thanks again.