Hurry down the chimney tonight….

Hurry down the chimney tonight….

How does Father Christmas arrive in your home? Christmas can raise toe curling questions for any parent. For example, how does Santa deliver presents to homes without any chimneys? And if magic keys exist, should we not be concerned about undesirables getting their hands on them?

Of course for 364 days of the year we are fastidious about keeping intruders out of  our homes. Yet on Christmas Eve, we are more than willing to invite a bearded stranger for a wee dram and a warm by the fire, all whilst we are sleeping don’t forget!

As a British homeowner, you’ve probably invested heavily on home security including CCTV and the odd drop camera which provides you with a 24 hour live stream. So if you’ve ever wondered why Father Christmas drinks all the whiskey whilst Rudolph rejects the carrot, catch him on camera and see the magic of Christmas for yourself…

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, starts with NORAD. For the uninitiated, NORAD is a tracking site which allows you to locate Father Christmas as he delivers gifts around the world. Watch the live countdown before Christmas and glimpse the sleigh dashboard as he dashes from Latvia to Lichtenstein. As the sleigh arrives in Northern France, your mission should retreat upstairs.

For the full Father Christmas experience, some people may want to install extra remote cameras from his point of entry…the roof. Any good American Christmas film sees Santa pulling up his sleigh on the roof, so perhaps whilst putting up the fairy lights…add a few extra cameras.

If he is coming down the chimney, make sure you have a camera trained on that area and witness his grand entrance. And remember that the only bells which should be heard at Christmas are the sleigh variety, so if he is coming through the door…will the house alarm go off? Remember, he does not like to be caught!

Here at Blackburn Alarms we love the festive season and catching Father Christmas on CCTV  is a fabulous notion. However, we also know that Christmas can be a time for opportunist theft so ensure you are well protected with our blog on staying safe this Christmas.

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