Bootstrap Enterprise

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Project Description

Bootstrap Enterprise

Location: Multiple sites in Lancashire

Site premises: <2,000 sq

Type of business: Business development and training

The company has helped many business people set up their own operations. Famous for nurturing talent and commitment, the company has also helped people with goal setting and other aspects of business development so that they can set up their enterprises and profit from them.

With a strong focus on how businesses can help the community, Bootstrap ensures that their business nurturing activities are ethical and positive.

Client Problems.

The company does have to work with young offenders at times, and this means that there were certain issues regarding behaviour on site. This needed addressing. There was also an issue around the buildings themselves, having multiple sites and multiple managers. The buildings are also listed as well, which meant that there were certain issues around ensuring the installation was sensitive.

Integration of systems

The clients requirements necessitated a fully integrated security system

Access Control

Access control was a recommended option after Blackburn Alarms assessed Boostraps needs

Intruder alarm

Due to the requirements of the client intruder alarms were recommended.

Police response

As with all high priority security system Blackburn Alarms recommended a Police Response system to ensure maximum security.

Client needs/solutions

Benefits to client

A strong police response framework was set up across all the buildings. Video images could be created for anyone who entered the building, therefore enhancing security. Crucially, there was now full control of the entry door in the city centre building.

The major concern was the security of the city site. Now, the public are more aware that the security on this particular building is of the highest level, and this has increased confidence in the community.

Happy client

Excellent Results

Safer workspace.


Overall, security has been increased across all sites the company has. There is also an added bonus from the company’s point of view, in that they were able to work with a local security firm.