Man Uses Doorbell CCTV to Hide from Theresa May

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Man Uses Doorbell CCTV to Hide from Theresa May

Man Uses Doorbell CCTV to Hide from Theresa May

Theresa May has often been accused of hiding from the British public. Censoring press questions, staging events and excluding journalists and members of the electorate from her conferences are all accusations levelled at the current Prime Minister.

Now, it seems, the Tory leader is being given a taste of her own medicine by a Southampton man, who used the CCTV rigged up to his doorbell to hide from May last week. The snub comes just days after May endured another fruitless campaign trail north of the border, where Aberdeenshire residents gave her similarly short shrift.

No you May not

The Prime Minister and her aide visited David Bryan last Thursday afternoon (11th May) at his home in Southampton, presumably to canvas opinion and try to persuade him to vote Conservative in the upcoming election.

However, instead of answering the door and parlaying with the PM, Bryan simply recorded the footage of her unsuccessful visit on his doorbell CCTV system, before subsequently uploading it to Twitter. In the video, May and her colleague are clearly seen ringing Bryan’s doorbell before turning away, at which point Bryan races to a nearby window to document their retreat more fully.

Bryan has uploaded the video with the caption: “That time Theresa May came to my door but I was too scared to answer”. It almost instantly went viral, garnering 5,504 retweets and 10,101 likes at the time of writing, as well as interest from the BBC, ITV and many other major media outlets.

“Not politically inclined”

Speaking in the aftermath of the Twitterstorm that his video sparked, Bryan clarified his reasons for refusing entry to the leader of the country.

“I’m not politically inclined to talk, and I didn’t have anything I wanted to talk to her about. I didn’t want to waste her time. I knew I wasn’t going to answer the door [to any politician] when they came to my house. I’m not bothered. And then I saw the Prime Minister walking past the window,” he said.

“Politics is just something that grates on me generally. They’re all replaceable with each other. I have no real faith in that system, so I don’t really tend to get involved in discussions. I feel like I could actually have a conversation with Jeremy Corbyn, not that I support him any more or any less than Theresa May.”

Despite his apathetic attitude towards politics and his abstention in voting in the last two general elections, Bryan did admit to voting Remain in last year’s Brexit referendum. However, his distaste for the whole political spectrum perhaps means May shouldn’t take the snub too personally.

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