50 Cent Burgled – But Didn’t Even Know He Owned Property

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50 Cent Burgled – But Didn’t Even Know He Owned Property

50 Cent Burgled – But Didn’t Even Know He Owned Property

US rapper 50 Cent has responded to the news that his Connecticut mansion was the target of a robbery earlier this week with astonishment… but not astonishment that someone would have the audacity to try and thieve from him, but astonishment that he owned the premises in the first place.

50 Cent took to Instagram to express surprise about the break-in at the 17-acre property, claiming he was under the impression that he’d sold the place last year.

Opportunistic break-in

Police were summoned to the New England mansion, reportedly worth several million dollars, early on Tuesday morning. According to celebrity news outlet TMZ, 50 Cent’s entourage called the boys in blue after an intruder set off an entry alarm.

Arriving on the scene, the rozzers found suspect Elwin Jones of Windsor, Connecticut and determined he’d forced his way onto the property with the intention of pilfering any valuables he could get his mitts on. They promptly slapped the shiny bracelets on his wrists and charged him with attempted larceny, second-degree burglary, criminal mischief and trespassing.

But rather react to the news of the crime with outrage or annoyance, the New York rapper seems to have been more amused than anything. Speaking on Instagram, Fiddy said:

“What my house got robbed, I thought I sold that MF. LOL”

More trouble than it’s worth

50 Cent originally bought the house back in 2003 from Mike Tyson, shortly after his debut album Get Rich or Die Tryin’ achieved worldwide success and made him a household name all over the globe. Acquired for a princely sum of $4.1 million, he poured a further six million into renovating the onsite gym, sports courts and indoor “disco”, complete with stripper poles and glitzy balls.

However, it soon became the clear that the property was more trouble than it was worth and when the rapper began to run into financial difficulties, it was one of the first places to go… or so he thought. With reported running costs of $72,000 per month, 50 Cent first tried to offload the property in 2015 as he grappled with bankruptcy.

Unfortunately for him, the deal fell through but it looked as though he would finally be rid of it the following year when a developer interested in converting the 52-room manor into a home for the elderly and infirm was thought to have snapped it up.

This week’s revelations show that the house still belongs to 50 Cent, however, much to everyone’s surprise – including the rapper himself.

An enviable problem

Having so much money and so many homes that you can’t keep track of which ones are yours, even when they’re burgled, must be quite the enviable problem to have. Unfortunately, not many of us have the same financial luxury as Fiddy and so ensuring that our homes are properly protected is an essential precaution in the modern world.

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