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Project Description

Rolls Royce Leisure.

Rolls Royce Leisure is first and foremost a social club, and offers sports facilities as well as event venues.

Customers and clients enjoy the facilities for sport, and have also extensively used them for occasions such as weddings and other functions.

Client problems.

Some of the remote sites such as the Football fields, playing fields, as well as pavilions were routinely being vandalised. Arson was also a concern due to clubhouses being at these locations.

At these clubhouses there can be trouble from drinkers in the evenings. This required more stringent security arrangements.

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Solutions Needed

The primary need was a high-definition CCTV system, and this was the first thing that was installed. The entire system was controlled via the cloud, removing the need for cable work.

Access control was fitted to the gym facilities, and access only granted to those people that head office agreed to.

Special security towers were installed at the playing ground so that security staff could monitor them, without having to be there.

Project Planning 100%
High-definition CCTV 100%
Access Control 100%
Cloud Controlled 100%

Initial Concept Planning

After an initial site down with the client we were able to come up with a plan of action for the businesses needs. This initial stage was vital to help Blackburn Alarms understand the full scope of the business and its security requirements.

Implementation of Security Measures

Blackburn Alarms was able to successfully install a high-definition CCTV system controlled remotely via the cloud. Blackburn Alarms also installed Access control points at various locations to ensure only authorised personnel had access to specific areas.

Final Delivery

During and upon completion all required staff members and security personnel were trained in the new systems Blackburn Alarms had implemented.

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Benefits to client

There was increased visibility of all sites from the gatehouse. Employee efficiency went up quickly after installation of security arrangements.

Access was a big factor, and head office was now able to grant access to people remotely, without having to be on-site.

Thankfully, there was a reduction in vandalism in the remote areas, and less trouble in the clubhouses from employees and from the general public.

Client Details

Client information: Rolls Royce Leisure

Location: Numerous locations

Site premises (sq. feet): average size of each site is over 5,000 square feet

Type of business: Leisure and events

Requirements: Full HD CCTV security system with access control and cloud networking.