Liverpool Star Falls Victim to Thieves.

Liverpool Star Falls Victim to Thieves.

Liverpool’s striking sensation Roberto Firmino has fallen prey to opportunistic thieves, who ransacked his Victorian-era home late last month. The burglary took place on the 22nd December while Firmino, his wife and two young daughters were out, but the incident only came to light this week.

The gang, who are said to have “stalked” the property for several hours waiting for the football star to leave, made off with over £70,000 worth of booty in their swag bags.

A late-night break-in

The band of bandits wore hooded clothing and skulked around outside the Mossley Hill property (a particularly swanky part of Liverpool), only entering when he had vacated the premises. Detective Inspector Steve Christian speculated that they had conducted “an untidy search” before escaping on foot.

Despite the absence of a getaway vehicle, the hoodlums still managed to make off with an alarming amount of stolen goods. Among other items, they swiped clothing, jewellery and a collection of watches estimated to be worth a total of £70,000.

An unsettling affair

Even though the footballer and his family were not in the house at the time of the break-in, Det Insp Christian commented that Firmino had clearly been rattled by the incident and moved into a hotel after the disturbance.

“While the occupiers were not in at the time, it has been very upsetting for all involved,” he said. “I urge the perpetrators to return the stolen goods to the victim in any way possible.” Such a turn of events would be highly unlikely, to say the least.

Just days after the event, Firmino’s frustration surfaced in an unexpected and troubling manner. The 25-year-old was caught drink-driving in the middle of Liverpool city centre on the morning of Christmas Eve. Both the player and the club have declined to comment as yet.

A string of footballing burglaries

The attack on Firmino’s home is just the latest in a series of burglaries targeting Premiership footballers. In recent years, the homes of Everton duo Tom Cleverly and Romelu Lukaku have both been burglarised.

Meanwhile, in August of 2016 England captain Wayne Rooney was also the victim of an attempted break-in. However, the intruder alert in Rooney’s home security system foiled the scoundrels’ devious plans, scaring them off before they were able to get their grubby little mitts on any of Rooney’s belongings.

Unfortunately for Firmino, the security installed in his house was not quite so beefy and he’s paid dearly for it. In addition to the financial loss of property, he was also clearly upset by the incident, which may or may not have had a knock-on effect on his football. At present, Firmino has only scored one goal in his last 11 appearances.

Don’t get caught out like Roberto

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