Kardashian Bandits Caught on CCTV?

//Kardashian Bandits Caught on CCTV?

Kardashian Bandits Caught on CCTV?

New evidence has emerged in the Kim Kardashian heist which suggests the band of brigands who robbed her blind last week have been caught on CCTV.

Initially it was thought that the five individuals who scarpered with almost £9 million in jewels had gotten away scot-free, but Paris police now believe they’ve managed to lay their hands upon a security camera from a nearby nail salon which could implicate the scallywags involved.

The great Kardashian robbery

The attack took place late last Sunday night, as five armed men somehow gained access into Kardashian’s rented apartment in Paris in the middle of the night. Despite the fact that Kardashian shells out £25,000 per month on the place, it seems that either the CCTV cameras inside were not functioning – or worse, do not exist.

In any case, the ski-masked ragamuffins managed to break in through an armoured door that was supposedly locked from the inside. Once in, they cornered Kardashian in the bathroom who pleaded for her life, screaming “Don’t kill me, I have children!” The thieves didn’t kill her but did tie her up and gag her in the bath, before ransacking her flat for the expensive diamonds she’d been flouting on social media just a few days previous.

No witnesses… or were there?

Apparently, Kardashian’s stylist was in attendance at the flat as well, though how much she saw of the fugitives is unclear. The only other confirmed witness is the apartment block’s concierge, who was also tied up and gagged like Kim.

Neighbours have said they did not hear a peep from Kardashian’s apartment, despite the fact that the TV diva says she was screaming blue murder before and after having her mouth taped to silence her. Even more frustratingly, the CCTV outside the building (which was pointed at its entrance) did not capture any images of the men, and local businesses had drawn similar blanks with pinpointing their movements.

However, it has emerged that the Bel Ange nail salon – which is located on the same street as Kardashian’s luxury apartment – may be able to shed some light on the mystery. An upstairs camera, which was facing away from the storefront at the time of the break-in, seems to have captured a shot of the outlaws through the reflection of a mirror. Apparently, the gang made their escape on “velibs”, which are Paris’ answer to Boris Bikes, while a second camera shows them dive into a nearby office block.

Home security pays

Perhaps the biggest mystery in all of this is why Kardashian’s home was not more thoroughly secured. Police say they assumed a star as big as she would have come equipped with her own team of security guards, but in the event not even her personal bodyguard was present.

Even more baffling is the lack of CCTV footage inside the home. In this day and age, it’s only prudent to make sure your home is properly secured against intruders and thieves – especially if you’ve spent the past few days flaunting your wealth to the world on social media.

Blackburn Alarms to the rescue

Though it’s unlikely you’ll have as big a personal fortune as Kardashian, you can never be too careful when it comes to safeguarding your property and protecting your loved ones.

At Blackburn Alarms, we have a whole host of intruder alerts, CCTV security cameras and access control systems to increase safety and give you peace of mind. To find out more about how we can help secure your home or workplace, get in touch with us today.

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