Stop Clowning Around!

Stop Clowning Around!

The Killer Clown craze shows no signs of slowing, sweeping across America and now into parts of the United Kingdom! Make no mistake, this is no laughing matter. These clowns are not armed with animal balloons and a long string handkerchief, they prefer machetes and long knives.

Police across the country have been dealing with calls from distressed members of the public who have been “pranked” or perhaps more fittingly petrified by these so called clowns. The craze sees people dressed in creepy costumes, hiding in bushes or behind walls, subsequently  jumping out at passers-by in a bid to terrify them.

The police are really taking the situation seriously, especially as four children were followed to school by a clown and a lady went into labour after being unexpectedly shocked by one of these big shoed bullies.

So we pose the question, why are people scared of clowns and what’s causing the craze?

Coulrophobia, is this a real thing?

Coulrophobia is a specific fear of clowns and sufferers claim their fear levels are comparable to those who have a fear of spiders. Whilst many people might understand someone’s fear of arachnids, what is it that turns Coco into something more sinister?


Clowns like to play tricks or do something unexpected like bursting a balloon in your face or throwing a custard pie! Sounds more slapstick than sinister but for some people the unexpected behaviour is simply unnerving. They also expect you to laugh at their jokes and for some it is the idea of forced laughter which gives them the creeps.

Conspiracy Clown

The conspiracists have their own theories, drawing a parallel between the release of promotional pictures for the Stephen King clown chiller “It” and the clown craze! Of course New Line Cinema strenuously denies any connections. However, was it really a coincidence that over 20 complaints were made about sinister clown sightings just weeks after the advertisement posters went up?

Various police forces have issued statements calming the public. They have also warned would  be Harlequin’s or Pogo’s that their antics will not be tolerated and arrests will be made.

At Blackburn Alarms we care about the safety of the general public and if you should have any concerns or require any advice, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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