Shake it all about, are we safer in or out of Europe?

//Shake it all about, are we safer in or out of Europe?

Shake it all about, are we safer in or out of Europe?

If you are suffering referendum fatigue, look away now!

When it comes to the EU referendum, there are a whole host of issues being raised! What will happen to the economy? Will it actually effect immigration? Will we still have the same workers rights? These are mainly the concerns of those who will play it safe and end up voting to remain in, but do we actually want to stay in a club where we are told to grow straight bananas, not to sell eggs by the dozen and never to eat our pet horse!

Crazy as these rules may seem, they are actually quite real. Yet joking aside, how safe would Britain be without being part of the European Union? Donald Trump already thinks Britain is a dangerous place, but then again, is anyone really listening to him, ever?

The concerns raised over safety, begin with intelligence sharing. It is claimed that if we are no longer in the EU, we won’t have access to the same levels of intelligence and this could cause dangerous criminals to evade justice more easily. The counter argument raises one eyebrow and asks how this fail safe exchange of information helped Paris back in November?

Backing the out vote is the former head of the MI6, Sir Richard Dearlove. He states that when it comes to security, Britain gives more than it gets and that Washington is a much more important ally than the rest of Europe. Perhaps we shouldn’t get too complacent, but he went as far as saying that Britain is actually Europe’s leader when it comes to intelligence.

Whether you are part of the Brexit campaign or will vote to stay, keeping your home and family safe are always of paramount importance. Call us today and we can ensure your house is protected day or night, whether you are home or at work! We are looking forward to your call.

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