If you’ve got it…haunt it!

If you’ve got it…haunt it!

Whilst fright night has passed, ghouls rule the whole year long! So just in case you’ve not had your fill of Halloween tricking and treating…we have delved deep, to bring you some more spooky goings on!

A Ghost Walks Into A Bar


Hailed as one of the most astonishing pieces of paranormal activity ever to be captured on CCTV, this footage from Dream Water Lounge Wine Bar in Stockton Heath seems to show a ghostly figure climbing the stairs of the bar. Staff at the bar have frequently claimed to have felt spooked and even the manager states that he does not stay in the bar on his own.  If this is a ghost, one thing is definitely for sure, he hadn’t heard the punchline and didn’t realise that spirits would not be served.

Black Eyed Children

The Black Eyed Child of Cannock Chase, an urban legend which has come back to haunt us…

Cannock Chase in Stafford has long been associated with things that go bump in the night….and after a quiet few years, the mysterious happenings have returned.

The Black Eyed Child is locally thought to be the apparition of an 1800s diphtheria victim, where the disease caused the eye sockets to appear sunken. Reports of childish cries and giggling urged a professional ghost hunting team to set up some cameras to record events and get to the bottom of these ghostly happenings.

Check out this footage.


Today’s technology does raise questions over the authenticity of such footage, but eye witness accounts frequently correlate. The figure is usually spotted in the daytime, often making noise and usually runs away when approached! The area is also known to be an alien hotspot and be home to a Pigman, with a human body and a pig head.

Ghost Rider

Most drivers will have been caught out when a car seemingly came out of no where….but what if it actually did? This video became an internet sensation, causing debate across the world! The BMW is crossing a busy intersection when a car crosses directly in front! People have debated that the footage has been tampered with, others try to locate where the car actually did come from….We will leave this one with you.


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