11-Year-Old Catches Thief Red-Handed

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11-Year-Old Catches Thief Red-Handed

An opportunistic thief in Wayne, New Jersey had his nefarious plans scuppered thanks to the footage provided by a CCTV home security system and the timely arrival of an 11-year-old boy.

Allan Shneyderman took the school bus home just like every other day and let himself into his house shortly after 3pm on Monday 17th October. However, unlike any other afternoon in Allan’s short life, there was an unexpected surprise waiting for him in the house.

Caught red-handed

An uninvited intruder had entered the property only minutes before Allan’s arrival and was preparing to rob the Shneydermans blind when the boy came home and disturbed him. The thief quickly concealed himself in a closet – but not quickly enough.

Allan spotted the intruder within seconds of entering the family home and quickly retraced his steps, running out of the property as fast as his tiny little legs could carry him. Fortunately, neighbour Gail Degraaf (who is A Proper Grown Up) was just arriving home at the same time and spotted Allan’s distress.

After ascertaining that there was a prowler on the premises, Gail wasted no time in summoning the Five-O and officers arrived quickly on the scene. By that time, however, the culprit had made his escape.

Open-and-shut case thanks to CCTV

Had the Shneydermans not had the forethought to install a home surveillance system on their property, that most likely would have been the end of the saga and the thief would still have been at large. However, CCTV footage taken from their home clearly show the man walking nonchalantly around the house, even after his discovery by Allan.

Relatively clear images of the man’s face meant that almost immediately after releasing the footage to local news outlets, the man was identified as Thomas Coughlin of Pompton Lakes, a town that is a mere 15 minutes’ drive away.

The 23-year-old was quickly apprehended by the fuzz and charged with burglary and theft, with a whopping $50,000 bail being slapped on his imprisonment. And he would’ve gotten away for it too, if it wasn’t for that meddling kid and the pesky CCTV!

How CCTV can safeguard your property, too

Stories like this one demonstrate just how invaluable CCTV can be in bringing wrongdoers and ne’er-do-wells to justice. Although it was Allan’s arrival home from school which unsettled the burglar, it was the CCTV footage which sent him to the slammer and a similar home security system could do wonders to safeguard your home or business, too.

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